Blog #4 Malta

IMG_20151103_135558And here it is, my last blogpost of my internship at Cleland & Souchet in Malta…

In the month december, we did less marketing related activities. But we did some.

Norbert was responsible for creating the Hamper brochure. In this brochure is standing all the hampers that are being sold, with info, the photo’s of the hampers and a list of the content in the hamper. The photo’s were made last month. We helped Norbert with making the brochure in photoshop. The brochure was being printed, and given to the clients. There was a lot of pressure here, because everything had to be finished before the deadline..

As the brochure was finished, and the first orders of the hampers were being placed, we helped a hand with setting up the place for the production of the hampers. It was located in the garage below the office of Cleland & Souchet, in the city San Gwann. We drove to the house of the boss Richard, to get all the shelves, and placed them in the garage. All of the food, the wine, and the boxes for the hampers was placed at the entry of the garage. In the back of the garage, the desk of Jean was being placed. His computer was standing here, and he managed everything with the orders of the hampers, as well with the sending.

Then we met Doris. Doris is responsible for the making of the hampers. She is in charge of +- 10 ladies, who were making the hampers. A lot of these women also helped other years with the making of the hampers. Doris is a nice person, Although a lot of people are saying that she can get very stressed..

Around 5000 hampers are being sold each year. And for that 5000 hampers, you need 5000 boxes. Guess who’ll make these boxes this year… The first days we did. It was not difficult to do. Funny enough every box contained an instruction manual with pictures, just like stuff from IKEA.

After a while we met the drivers. Around 10 guys who are driving the hampers to the homes and companies who ordered it, or got it as a gift. We were told there are drivers and runners. The drivers try to get the car to the right direction. The runners job is to deliver the hamper to the address as fast as possible.

Justin and I helped with the making of the hampers. Also, we helped a lot with the deliveries of the hampers (as a runner). When we were in the garage, we didn’t just work on making hampers. We also helped with getting all the hampers from the shelves to the big table in the middle of the room, so the drivers and runners could get it as fast as possible. The Hampers that were finished were placed on the shelves by code. We helped with organising everything on the shelves.

We were making long days this month. 2 weeks, we also worked on the weekend. We did get payed for this. Also, if we worked after 5 on a weekday, we also got payed. From the money we earned Justin and I got ourselves 2 luxury meals for christmas. Even after christmas there were still some hampers being sold and delivered. This was less intense though. Over the last days we helped with the last deliveries, and bringing the shelves back to the house of Richard. Then we got the last couple of days off, so we went to see the last things we hàd to see from Malta. On the last day, we had a lunch at a sushibar with the staff of Cleland& Souchet. This was our leaving party. Richard, Jean and his wife were here, aswel Gabby, Deborah and her husband, Kenny and his wife.

En then, the next day, our plane left. We got a free lovely breakfast at the Cleland & Souchet cafe in the airport (We’ve never been here since it is located behind the check-in area) and had a good flight. Temperature in Malta on the day we left: 20 °C. Holland: 5 °C. I’m going to miss Malta for sure, although it’s nice to finally lay in my own bed, and see my family and friends again. We have one week off, then we start with school again..


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