Blog #3 Malta

This post is about the third month, November, of my internship at Cleland & Souchet in Malta.

The past month we where busy with creating the database. This month, we finished it. We added the last couple of email addresses, and with the help of Richard, Fixed a couple of things that were wrong. Also sent Richard us a LOT of emails (+-30) with huge amounts of Email-Addresses. We are adding  them in one spreadsheet file.

Also, the photos of the new hamper collection 2015/2016 were being made. Norbert, a new marketing colleague who is working a lot on the new hamper collection, editing photo’s, and other stuff. We were asked to help with creating the hamper photos. First, Norbert made a stand with a white sheet behind it. It was not very steady, so we had to be really careful. We helped with placing the extra lighting in a way, that almost no shadows were shown. This was taking a lot of time, but after +- 2 ours, it was finally ready. Every hamper was very carefully organised, Richard and Fabricia helped with this work. Since there are 11 different hampers, This was taking the whole day. When it was 6 o’clock, we were allowed to go home, but Norbert, Richard and Fabricia were working on this until late in the night.  The following days, Norbert was editing the photos. We couldn’t help with this, because we don’t have the right programs to do this (He works a lot with photoshop.

The website was going online in the beginning of this month. It was taking a day to operate well, but now it works good. It was being done by Adrian. The new hamper collection had to be on the new website too. Richard asked us if we could do it, but due to an error in the website creator, it didn’t work. Richard called  Adrian, and he had to do it.

This month we also helped in the wine storage again. We helped with putting stickers on the boxes. Some of these boxes were driven to the C&S cafe in Portomaso, and we could help with this.

The wines we are now stickering are going into the hampers. Around 5000 hampers are being sold every year. This is a lot of work. The following month, we are also supposed to help with this a lot.


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