October was the second month in Malta for Justin and I. The weather is a little chiller, which is nice.

This month we worked a lot at the “Trip to Spain” campaign. At the beginning of this month, we had a short meeting with Richard about the campaign. He told us information, and text he wanted on the website. Justin and I created a special page on the new Cleland & Souchet website. We learned how to do this at the meeting of the website creator, Adrian. At the page, we wrote all the information about the campaign.

We also made a flyer about the campaign.

The company wants the new website to go live as soon as possible. We are helping a little with the making of the website. For example, we updated the wine list. The website contains a database of all the wines, hampers and luxury products the company sells. However, the list is not complete yet. Some wines don’t have the right vintage, while other wines aren’t even on the website yet. We helped with adding these wines.

This month we were more often asked to help Chris and Kenny, the 2 employees working on the distribution of the wines, with things to do in the shop. It includes opening boxes with bottles of wines, give all the wines a sticker, and close the box again. This work is not really challenging, but it can be nice for a little variation.

We discussed with Richard about if we can work at the Portomaso shop/cafe as a waiter. Maybe that is going to happen next month.

Also, Justin and I are going to work on a promotional video for the company. We are still thinking on what we are going to do.

Besides the work, this month our parents came by, and a friend of mine. Hereby, we got a little more time of. The month December is going to be stressful, hardworking month (we have been warned for this A LOT of times by our colleagues), so a little time of is nice in this month 🙂


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