The first month in Malta! – Blog #1 Malta

This post is going to be about the first month of the internship in Malta.
After a month being here on the island Malta, it still feels like a long holiday. This is because the company is very nice, the many holidays they have in the country (some say it has the most holidays in the world), and the nice weather of course!

We know our colleagues a little better now. The most contact we have is with Richard, our boss. He is a sweet, patient, -sometimes a little chaotic man. He is the one giving us new projects, and helping us with our current projects.

In the first week, we worked on our first project; the investigation of different rival cafes of the future Cleland & Souchet Cafe in Valletta. After the first week, we did more research about the top rivals of the company. We collected as much information as possible.

We also did the same kind of project in another city: St Julians. This is the city where another cafe of the company is about to open. Since there are not so many real rivals in this area, we wrote as much as possible about a couple of cafe’s. The biggest rival is right across the street of the new Cleland & Souchet cafe, so this is going to be a real challenge.

We also have a new project. The company has a huge database with companies. The companies are clients of Cleland & Souchet, who bought “hampers” at the company. Hampers are the gift boxes the company creates during christmas time.

The database also got a tab with all the companies in malta, in the categories Gaming, banks, investment companies, law firms, management consultants and insurance companies. The database is not correct, and it really is a HUGE mess. A lot of contact details are not correct, and there are a lot of companies that still have to be added. Our task is to make the database up to date. Before christmas, we help with sending emails to the companies, promoting the hampers.

Once this month we had a moment we had not so much to do, and Gabby and Deborah asked to us if we had time to do some administrative work. We had to order a lot of bills on alphabetical order. A job which was not so fun, but it had to be done 🙂 On another day we also helped with carrying boxes in the shop, and adding new products in the showcase.

Richard told us about the new website, and we are helping to create the website. We had a meeting with Adrian. He is the website creator. Before the first meeting we saw the website. We directly added some feedback, for example; the Facebook like button was located all at the bottom of the page, we thought it was better to add it on the top. This, and a couple of other things we told him, and he changed it the next day already.

At the meeting, he explained to us how the editor of the website works. Now we can add information to the website, and edit stuff. Also, He told us a lot about SEO; Search Engine Optimisation. He explained how it is possible to give the website a lot higher place in Google, With some very easy tricks. We learned a lot at this meeting.

Our most fun project we are going to work on the next month: setting up a marketing campaign!
The company is allowed to give away a luxe trip to spain; including wine tasting and a 2 night stay in a top hotel. The price can be won by buying a specific wine at the Cleland & Souchet shop. We are going to create the whole campaign.

Also, we have to create more campaigns to promote the new website, and get more likes on Facebook.

This month, I learned a lot of new stuff.
  • I learned to write a professional report. After handing over our report to Richard, he had a couple of useful tricks. For example: We didn’t write an summery at the beginning of the report. Richard went to America in the past, and he told us that every good report starts with the summery.
  • I’ve become better in working in spreadsheets. The database is written in an spreadsheet, and I learned a lot new things since we work in it a lot.
  • I’ve learned a lot about creating websites, and SEO.

Things I found difficult this month
  • I found it difficult to write a useful review of other cafes. At the meeting where we discussed our report, we found a lot of mistakes we made. For example: we thought to easy about it. We could have added a lot more information.
  • Sometimes I found it difficult to explain a question in English in a meeting with Richard.

I am very excited about the next months!


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