Blog Malta week 1

This is the first week of my internship at Cleland & Souchet. We are now two weeks on Malta already. The past week we were here on holiday. We enjoyed the beach, the nice people and the weather a lot. The apartment we stayed in did we found on airbnb. It is a nice apartment, only too expensive. This is why we had too search for another apartment in the first week. We already found it.  It’s located in a cheap neighbourhood, 20 minutes away from the internship by bus.
We had an appointment with Richard at 10 o’clock. When we arrived, Richard told us to get our laptops from the apartment. We did, and came back to the Cleland & Souchet shop at half past 10. He drove us with his car to San Gwann, where the office is located. He introduced us to our colleagues. After that, he told us the basics about the company. He told us that Cleland & Souchet exists out of different parts. There is the wine part, where the company imports different kind of wines out of 18 countries all over te world to Malta, and sells them to Cafes, Restaurants and hotels. This is the biggest part of the company.
The company also has a shop with luxury goods. The newest project of the company is to start luxury cafes. In the cafes they sell food, drinks, and also a lot of luxory  wines. They already have 2 cafes, and they want to expand soon.

Our Job for the first week is to localise different Cafes/ Winecafes/ bars in the capital Valetta, and arrange them. In the first day, we already worked on that. Justin and I created a Google Maps, and located the best cafes in Valetta. On various websites we found information about the cafes. An example is trip advisor. The third day, we went to the capital Valletta itself. We got a little budget from Richard, and we had to search for cafes that where not active on internet.

The day after, we went to Valletta again. We again found a lot of cafes, and found a lot of new information about them.

On friday, we finished our project. We added an table with the best and nearest cafes in Valletta. We wrote a lot about every cafe. We gave the project to Richard, and he was very happy about it. He said it was excellent work, and he was thinking about presenting our project to the owners of the company.


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